Is Adderall Rehab Expensive?

Adderall Rehab

Adderall rehab costs vary significantly based on several factors. This includes the location of the treatment facility, whether it is an outpatient or inpatient program, the level of care required, and whether it is self-pay only or accepts insurance. Fortunately, since there is a wide range of options for addiction treatment, you can find an option suited to your budget. Even though Adderall rehab treatment can be expensive, depending on the services you receive, it is an essential investment in one’s future, life, and health. Most rehab treatment facilities for substance use disorders accept three kinds of payment options: financing, financial aid, or insurance.

Rehab Costs for Insured Patients

Adderall RehabMost people pay for substance abuse treatment and rehab with insurance since it makes the costs more affordable. The level of care and the amount of treatment covered in Adderall rehab usually depends on what the healthcare provider accepts and the insurer. Residential and inpatient treatment is typically more expensive than outpatient rehab treatment, and your insurance plan might explain the restrictions on the types of treatment covered.

Some insurance plans have a ‘coinsurance’ or ‘copay.’ This is an established percentage or amount that you have to pay for treatment. Other plans have a deductible, a dollar amount to be paid out of pocket before the plan starts covering any expenses. Most health insurance plans provide at least some coverage for mental health and addiction treatment. If you want to learn about the types of addiction treatment covered by your insurance plan cover, it is best to contact your insurance provider directly.

The type of insurance that will typically cover drug or alcohol addiction treatment includes:

  • Military insurance
  • Private insurance
  • State-financed health insurance
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid

Rehab Costs for Uninsured Patients

Adderall RehabGiven the high number of uninsured people in the US, there are still affordable options to explore if you need Adderall rehab. Some rehab centers can offer financing options to pay in monthly installments, which makes payments more manageable. Certain states even provide low-income or free rehab treatment facilities. These centers are ideal for people who don’t have insurance and don’t have a high income.

Usually, the best way to explore affordable rehab treatment options within your area is to contact your local Department of Health and Human Services. You can also contact any local rehab facilities to ask about the affordable rehab treatment options they may be able to offer, such as financing, sliding scale, or scholarship options.

Types of Rehab Treatment and Costs

The kind of treatment required to help you get sober will impact the overall cost of your recovery. Various factors affect the general cost of Adderall rehab, such as:

  • Any long-term treatment needs
  • Whether medically-assisted therapy (MAT) is needed
  • The type of facility (outpatient vs. inpatient)

Below are estimated average costs for the different treatment services used in Adderall rehab to guide you on the possible overall costs of addiction treatment.

Withdrawal and Detox Monitoring

Detox conducted in an outpatient rehab facility usually ranges from $1000 to $1500, while inpatient detox can cost $5000 or more. The specific cost of drug detox usually depends on the type of substance you’re detoxing from, any additional treatment and medication required, and the duration. Anyone detoxing from highly dangerous substances such as opioids or alcohol will need to pay more since intensive monitoring is necessary. Detox services are usually covered under most health insurance plans. This helps to reduce the amount you’ll need to pay out-of-pocket.

Inpatient Treatment

The average fee for a 30-day inpatient treatment program is approximately $6,000. Luxury and high-reputation facilities can cost up to $20,000 for a similar 30 days. Specific inpatient rehab treatment programs may require one to stay for 60 days or longer, costing an average of about $12,000 to $60,000. If you have insurance, your plan can partially cover these costs.

Outpatient Treatment

Adderall RehabAnyone suffering from dependence or a mild to moderate substance use disorder may be advised to attend outpatient Adderall rehab. Most outpatient rehab programs cost about $5,000 for three months.

Outpatient facilities that offer luxury services like holistic therapies may charge a higher amount of roughly over $10,000 for a three-month program. These costs will depend on how regularly you need to attend the program, the addiction, and the kind of treatment provided. The coverage for outpatient rehab treatment on most insurance plans is more comprehensive than it is for inpatient rehab.


Some people may need medication treatment, such as medically assisted therapy during rehab. The specific cost of the medication will depend on the type of treatment and the prescription, but the price is about several thousand dollars annually. Most insurance plans can cover some costs for prescribed medications used in addiction treatment, making this option more affordable.

Depending on your insurance plan, it might be cheaper to be prescribed generic medication instead of the brand name. Contacting your insurance provider can determine your coverage for prescribed brand-name and generic drugs.

Low-cost and Free Rehab Options

Support groups (such as SMART recovery) for people suffering from substance abuse problems are usually free and can benefit these individuals positively. They may only request small donations to help them cover running costs such as refurbishments and rent. These support groups can be found in most communities within the US. However, they are generally not seen as treatment since they are typically peer-run and not led by licensed professionals. On the other hand, research indicates that they can still help recovering individuals prevent relapse and overcome addiction.

In conclusion, regardless of the costs of Adderall rehab, maintaining your addiction will typically be costlier than what you pay for addiction treatment. Getting treatment may also help you prevent incurring any unexpected costs, such as medical bills. In the end, the cost of addiction does not outweigh that of recovery.

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