Valium Addiction In California

Valium Addiction

California is one of the regions with the highest population in America. With its rich history hosting the gold rush period, the Silicon Valley, and over a thousand fortune companies, it is not a wonder that it would also be one of the states that have been severely affected by a high number of individuals suffering from Valium addiction.

High-pressure jobs and the mad chase for the dollar are some of the reasons why so many people in California suffer from Valium misuse.  Research has shown that people who experience high-stress jobs are more likely to get into substance abuse.

Given the fast growth of the number of both adults and children addicted to Valium, the federal government has had to develop legal interventions that will hopefully help curb this life-threatening habit.

Possession of Valium in California

Valium AddictionThe federal government classifies Valium or Diazepam as a controlled substance through the DEA. It is classified as a schedule four controlled substance because it has properties that indicate the drug can cause dependency and lead to abuse by those taking it. If you are found in possession of Diazepam without a prescription in California or misusing it, you will be found guilty of a misdemeanor.

The punishment for having Valium without a prescription can carry a county jail sentence of up to one year.  Before the rule’s amendment, the crime was a felony.  The sentencing will depend on the individual’s criminal history and case facts.

Avoiding a Jail Term

Not everyone who gets arrested for Valium possession ends up in jail. A good number end up in drug deviation programs within their local communities. If one qualifies for this, it will save them jail time, hefty probation fees, and not have a criminal record that could be damaging later. Many factors are put into consideration for one to qualify for this option. If you want to find out whether you or your loved one qualifies, consult an experienced drug attorney. If you have no priors and are a model citizen, you stand a high chance of enjoying this jail-free card option. Repeat offenders, on the other hand, might not get so lucky.

Common Possession Pitfalls

Valium AddictionBecause Valium is sold in pill form, it can conveniently be kept anywhere. You might put it in your pocket, a purse, in the car dashboard; there are so many ways that you could be found in possession of the controlled drug. This would explain why some people with a prescription also find themselves in trouble when in California. It’s worse if they have taken the pill at the time of arrest and are acting erratic, confused, or out of it. Since that behavior is associated with drug misuse, they could easily find themselves in trouble.

Failure to follow all the rules while on Valium medication can land one in trouble. For instance, you could get into an accident while driving medicated. If the medication is taken with alcohol, the effects can cause impairment that will get you in a lot of trouble.

Therefore, even if you have a prescription and are taking your meds correctly, a DUI investigation could turn into a massive case that lands you in trouble. Also, note that in California, if a police officer has probable cause to suspect that you are driving under the influence, they have a right to search your car. If they find the diazepam in your vehicle, that could land you in way more trouble than you’d have expected.

Actions to take if arrested for Valium Possession

Valium AddictionShould you be arrested for diazepam possession in California, you should be fully corporate with the arresting officers. You have a right to an attorney and calling one is the best course of action. The law on diazepam possession is complex, and you could easily get yourself in more trouble just by saying the wrong thing.

In its attempt to control access to, and abuse of diazepam, the federal government has put together specific laws. Although this has not entirely squashed the drug’s abuse, it has deterred many from using the controlled substance.

There are also certified physicians who are allowed to prescribe Valium. This makes it a little harder for the drug to end up in the wrong hands. Nonetheless, the black market is still thriving, and diazepam is accessible to many adults and children.

Like with any other substance addiction, dependency on Valium leads to our society’s slow disintegration. People suffering from diazepam addiction have impaired judgment; they let go of their obligations at work and home; if not managed, they can even lose a sense of basic hygiene and eventually death.

It is the responsibility of every state to do everything in its power to prevent addicts from getting access to the controlled substances and helping those who are already struggling with addiction.

The federal government in California also runs and supports recovery centers for individuals fighting diazepam addiction and other substances. Health workers who work hand in hand with the state to help those struggling with Valium addiction get the help they need to get clean and stay clean.

If you or someone you know struggles with Valium addiction, you should seek help before things spiral out of control. There are many rehab centers in California to choose from. Some are free, others are privately run, and there are exclusive rehab centers available for you if you want something luxurious.

Allowing your doctor to help find or recommend an ideal rehab center for you is best. As health professionals, they understand what you require to go through the treatment successfully.  After treatment, you should consider joining a support group that will help keep you grounded and strong enough to stay clean.

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