Cheap Addiction Treatment Options

Addiction Treatment

There are different causes of drug addiction and addictive behaviors. Regardless of the social, psychological, or biological reasons for addiction, addiction is still a disease affecting the brain. People suffering from substance use disorder need to get effective drug addiction treatment to help them make the right lifestyle changes and deal with the disease to recover long-term.

However, one of the biggest obstacles for people looking for addiction treatment is the financial aspect. Unfortunately, the costs for treating mental health disorders such as addiction keep rising.

Many people do not know the rates charged for addiction treatment services, particularly those with health insurance. They might be told that the treatment has been provided for, but it may not be covered fully in the real sense. There are usually other services that the insurance will not cover, such as experiential therapy, yoga, physical therapy, massage therapy, lodging, and food. All these extra services could end up being included in your medical bill once the treatment is complete. You should always check for the benefits covered under your insurance policy in the facility and ask about any extra service fees.

Factors Contributing to the Cost of Addiction Therapy

Various factors influence the cost of addiction rehabilitation. The main ones include:

 Amenities Provided

Some rehab facilities offer specific features such as renowned chefs, private areas, tennis courts, pools, acupuncture, and massage therapies. Such features can be found in luxury facilities usually attended by the wealthy, which is why they tend to be so expensive.

Treatment Services Provided

Addiction TreatmentNot all patients will require detox services when they go for rehabilitation. However, heroin and alcohol users usually have severe withdrawal symptoms when they stop using, so they just need to be observed. Patients who require more medical care may end up paying more for addiction treatment. Certain therapy methods such as counseling can also affect the amount paid for addiction treatment.

Some people might not be aware of alternatives for drug addiction treatment, such as free rehabilitation facilities and public rehab assistance. If you look into such treatment options, you may find that they have free recovery options and detox programs or at little cost. You can also find places that can have the treatment costs funded or covered by other bodies.

The Type of Center

Inpatient addiction treatment programs usually cost more than outpatient programs due to the added cost of intensive care and housing. Such programs will have varying prices depending on the facility’s location and the duration of the treatment.

Here are some of the options to consider if you are looking for low-cost options for addiction treatment.

Insurance Coverage

Addiction TreatmentUsing insurance to pay for your drug addiction treatment can be challenging. Health insurance can help you provide for part of the cost of rehabilitation. You will need to contact your insurance provider to inquire if they include addiction rehab treatment in the price and how much the amount is. When selecting an addiction treatment facility, make sure you ask if they take insurance. In some cases, the insurance provider might restrict the number of days covered, the overall cost of the treatment, and the services they cover. Some insurance covers will also include daily co-payments of specific amounts, so make sure you ask about additional charges.

Medicaid and Medicare

Addiction TreatmentThese are both government programs with different regulations. Medicare is an insurance program provided by the government for people aged 65 years and over and younger people who have disabilities. The program has various components covering various services. Medicaid is a state and government insurance program covering medical fees for individuals with limited income.

Both programs can pay for part or all of the costs for inpatient addiction treatment. Part A Medicare, which is hospital insurance, covers hospital treatments if your facility takes Medicare and the doctor submits the claim for you. Eligibility and coverage for Medicaid typically depend on the state and the individual’s level of income. You can visit your local office or Medicaid and Medicare websites to get in touch with someone who can help you determine what coverage you can get.

Tax Deductions

If you get into an inpatient rehabilitation program, you may be fortunate to receive a tax break. If your overall annual medical expenses exceed 10 percent of your income, you will be allowed to deduct any amount surpassing that mark. Tax deductions might not help you cover the costs in advance, but they can help you save on costs.

Sliding Scale Fees

Most addiction recovery facilities know that most of their patients cannot pay $20,000 for treatment. So, they have established a sliding scale for payment, meaning the treatment charges will depend on how much the individual can pay. The facility analyzes the patient’s income and determines how much they can honestly afford to pay. They will designate an employee to check the potential patient’s financial assessment and then develop a payment plan that works for them. In such cases, patients should be ready to confirm their financial status using bank statements or pay stubs.

Payment Plans or Scholarships

Some addiction treatment facilities provide scholarships that pay for all or part of the treatment. Some of these scholarships might be covered by private donors or set up by the rehab program. Find out if the facility provides scholarships for drug addiction treatment, how you can apply for the same, and the amount covered.

If the facility does not have such, they can help the patient develop a payment plan to provide for the costs. The individual can create a schedule for making the payments and take things off from there.

It is hard enough to live off of a limited income and even more challenging when you or your loved one struggles with drug addiction. Free or low-cost treatment options for substance abuse can help to relieve this burden to some extent.

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